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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A new season and a hike up the mountain.

 I know I haven't blogged for a long time.  We had a crazy summer (mostly hanging out with the kids at home).  Back in April I was feeling a little burnt out.  Kids, diabetes, running around like a chicken with my head cut will wear a girl out these days.  So, I took a break from the blog.

But, I am back!  The seasons are changing and fall is in the air.  The kids are back in school and we have a new routine.  I am feeling a little more refreshed and ready for the change of pace (thank God for the seasons).
Instead of filling you in on the whole summer I will start off with the new...

Sunday we went on a hike.  This wasn't just a little hike.  We climbed a BIG mountain...Mt. Timpanogus.  Honestly, I didn't realize what I was getting myself into until after we finished.  
For those of you  unfamiliar, this mountain is 11,749 feet in elevation and the hike is 14 miles roundtrip.  I didn't know...and I live here.

We started out at 7:15am.  I was a little annoyed that we were starting so early, but did I mentioned that I didn't realize what I was about to do...hike all day!  So, here I am with Jerry and Dalton ready to go!
It was a crisp 46 degrees,  Not too cold once we started to hike.

It didn't take long for us to warm up and take off the jackets.
It looks like springtime in the mountains.  The wildflowers are in full bloom.  The pictures don't do it justice...blankets of colorful flowers!

And, still a little snow and ice.

We had to hike across a ravine here.  Once we crossed over and looked back, we realized the fall was about 10 feet down.  Made us a little nervous to think what could have happened if we had slipped through the ice.  Not good, but we made it safe and sound.
This was my favorite flower, the Indian paintbrush.

Up, up, up we went.

The views were amazing!

Beyond the flowers you can see our destination.  We are about 2 1/2 hours from the top here.

This is a great view of my butt heading to the top of the mountain....Derek......

 Over the meadow and up the rocks we climbed!  We made the saddle.  From here I felt like we were on top of the world over looking Utah Lake and beyond....

And our fearless group...

Lynsie and Jay...

Jerry and Dalton...

But, we were an hour from the top of Timp (by now we had been hiking for 5 hours 10 minutes).  
I finally realized what I was in for and I was climbing to the top of a freaking mountain!

After soaking up the view for a minute we continued our climb...
Up, up, up...all rock at this point.

I made it! 6 hours 10 minutes to the top.

I am afraid of heights, so this was...scary.  There is only about 5 feet of rocky and unstable mountain top.  We sat down and enjoyed the view.

We were on top of the world!  I swear I could see all of Utah from up there.

Jerry had to show off his climbing skills!  He is an excellent hiker!

I realized today how much I really missed hiking, the outdoors and the wonderful place we live. I haven't done this much since the kids were born.

I enjoyed the flowers!

I enjoyed all the sweet smells!

We ran into this little fella in a meadow toward the bottom.  

So.....11 hours 10 minutes later, I realized what I had just accomplished.  I hike a mountain today!  
It was beautiful!  Life changing perhaps.  It made me more thankful...I am thankful for my strong body that carried me up and down the mountain.  I am thankful for the beautiful mountain we climbed and the amazing things we saw on our trek.  And, I am thankful for the awesome people that shared this experience with me.  It was amazing!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vacations over! SLC 1/2 Marathon.

Well...I am back on-line...I think...for today anyway!

Last weekend I completed my goal to run another race!  I ran the Salt Lake City half marathon.  My personal best!  2 hours 2 minutes!

It was not without a few obstacles to get me through the race, but I did it!  I never want to hear "I can't..."  because I know if something is important to can...!!!!!  I did!!!!

I began my training for this race in February.  I joined a running clinic led by two fearless trainers, Angela and Rachel.

Before I start this years journey I have to take you back in time a little....last year I did the same training and I TRANSFORMED!  I learned how to eat better to fuel my run, lost a little fat, gained a little muscle and A LOT of confidence.

Back to now....I started my training feeling a little fatter, not as strong and a lot less confident.  Through the past 8 weeks I trained with my wonderful trainers and a great group of runners, including my dear friend Jolie.  (Jolie was not able to run with me because of some injuries. She is recovering and will be back...she is amazing!!!)

2 weeks before race day our little family packed up and went to Hawaii for spring break.  I was a little nervous about ruining all my hard work with a vacation in the middle of training, but I wasn't going to miss Hawaii.  While in Hawaii I ran, but our 3rd day into the trip I started to retain some water.  Each day the water retention continued....6 days into my trip and a week away from the race I wasn't sure I would be able to run.  Feeling weighed down, not able to run and very discouraged I decided to give up on my race.

We came home and I stepped on the scale.  EEEEKKKK!  I was up 7lbs.  I was freaking out.  I tried to be good on vacation, eating well and keeping my adult beverages to a minimum.  What was wrong!!!!  I was advised to take a water pill.  Thank goodness it worked and I was back down to normal.

By now I was only 2 days away from the race, but still feeling a little sick.  My trainers encouraged me to run.  It wasn't until last minute I signed up to run!  I wasn't going to let my training go to waste.

RACE DAY...I woke up feeling really tired, but ready to run.  I tested my blood sugar that morning and it was high.  I figured I was having race day nerves.  After breakfast I was getting ready and to go and still didn't feel right.  Checked my sugar again....WOW....even higher!  After a little investigation I realized my insulin pump wasn't working.  I only had an hour and a half before my big run.  I didn't know if I was going to be able to make the race....without my pump I was in trouble!

20 MINUTES BEFORE THE RACE...I fixed my pump and blood sugars started to go down.  I was safe to run, but new I would be battling this through the race.  It was tough...I felt sluggish...maybe still a little toxic from my vacation, but I did it!!!!

OK, so I am up a few pounds from last year and I didn't stay as true to my training routine as I would have liked, but I wanted to know if I still had it in me to run.  The obstacles before me made it tough.  Having a chronic illness makes me feel weak...but, I proved to myself I can still do it!  Life is beautiful!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bolgging vacation!

This is not a post to let you know I am not home, so come rob my house.  I am home, but busy doing other things.

I haven't made anytime for blogging the last few weeks and I feel guilty.  I thought I would let my readers know that I am taking a little blogging vacation.  I will let you know when I am back on-line!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Live eats!

I was so inspired the other day after eating at Omar's Rawtopia!  I thought to myself...I can do this!  Live food makes me feel so good!

I googled eating live food and came up with some really great stuff.  This particular website I found has recipes from across the board, including some of the things I saw on the menu the other day.  I was surprised to find that many of things I needed for the recipes were already in my kitchen!  Yeah!

I already told you we are not going become vegan anytime soon, but I am going to try and prepare my food this way a little more often.  Folks!  It is easy!  Just as easy as opening that processed box of mac and cheese or opening the can of processed soup...well, you get the idea.  It only takes 5-10 minutes to throw together a live meal vs. a dead something or other preserved to sit on my cupboard shelf for years!

I made these yummy stuffed mushrooms to pair with my salmon last night for dinner.  I made them in the afternoon.  Although I don't have a dehydrator, I put them in a low oven for a couple of hours. They were ready at dinner!

Stuffed Mushrooms
1/3 C pine nuts
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 C fresh cilantro, packed leaves, chopped
1/3 C fresh basil, packed leaves, chopped
1 T lemon juice
1 C tomato, chopped
2 T Braggs or to taste

Put all ingredients into a food processor, except the tomatoes, and pulse chop several times. Stop to scrape down the sides and repeat. Add the tomatoes and continue to pulse chop until just blended. Keep a texture to apesto, it should not be a puree. Remove stems from mushrooms and stuff the filling into the cap of the mushroom. Place on a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate at 105 degrees for 2-4 hours.

Most of this food can be made ahead of time and put in the fridge for later.  I have cleaned up my diet a bit in the last couple of weeks to prepare for the spring training...

So good!  So easy!

I encourage you to give it a try.  It makes you feel alive!

FEAR! or Fear not...

The Morning She Awoke

“I can’t keep up with you,”  the apparition whispered
And the girl kept running.
Her hamstrings pushed to full on speed and she was not about to stop now.
“I can’t catch you.”  The apparition whispered
The girl ran fast as she could.

Then the darkness got even darker and she could not see any light ahead.
She couldn’t see her hands in front of her.
She couldn’t see anything.
“I got you.”  The apparition said.

The alarm clock sounded and the girl awoke in a cold sweat
Never had the sun looked so beautiful shining through her sheer pink curtains.
“I am awake!” The girl shouted.
She walked to her window and pulled open the blinds and opened the window.
I am awake she said the trees.
I am awake she said to the birds singing in the trees.

Nothing responded to her noticing. 
Except one little black bird.
To the girl, the bird seemed to sing just a little louder.
There, she thought, someone is celebrating this moment with me.
~Camellita M Brown

The Morning She Awoke is a metaphysical poem about fear.
I gave into my fear. I feared that I could not keep up a strong and healthy body. I have reverted back to some of my old ways. I am in good shape, but I have been letting my diabetes control me.  (Mentally exhausting!!!)
  As a diabetic, I want to be strong and healthy (in my body and my mind)!!! I want to set a good example for my young girls. 
(my new shoes!  yeah!!!) 
Spring training starts today!  What am I training for you ask?  Well, LIFE really.  
I am letting go of my fear!  
Last year I joined a running group to prepare for a marathon.  With GRATITUDE, I completed the training and the race, but find myself a year later starting over.  I know what it felt like to be on top of my game...MIND, BODY, and SOUL.
I am training again for another race.  Call me "INSANE" if you must, but it is not about the running as much as the experience.  
~I am doing it for me
~I am doing it for my good health
~I am doing it because I am thankful for this wonderful body, the only one I will ever get, to carry me through the journey of life
Spring is the time for new life!

Monday, February 28, 2011


True happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes,
but simply is.
~ unknown
(was on the tag of my tea bag today) 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ryann's ski day.

A week ago today Ryann skied for the first time.
The lesson started inside.

They learned how to step into the skies...

and walk in a circle making A's (a.k.a. pizza) and H's (a.k.a. french fries) with the skies.  

Then it was off to the slops!

Ryann, all geared up, found it difficult to eat the snow.  One of Ryann's favorite things to do, to taste, her experiences.  3-year-olds lick everything!!!!

Her first time down the mountain was a challenge.  She was attached to the instructor, literally, Ryann's ski clip was hooked on to the teachers ski so she could get the feeling of her feet.

With assistance,  she successfully loaded on the lift for ride #2.

What a big girl!

The video didn't load (BLOGGER!!!!!) of her trip down, but she looked like a champ!  It made her wore her out.

Ryann and Derek made snow angels to complete the run.

Ryann had to model Derek's goggles and helmet in the lodge.

We all enjoyed a little apre ski beverage after the lesson.

My poor kids had never had nachos before!...  SO, we ordered the nachos.  It was a fantastic ski day for the Sims.  We are now a complete skiing (Derek is a boarder) family.  Yeah!!!